Tag (Epoxy)


Different shape and thickness from the normal card can be called tag. We can add epoxy layer on it to make it looks Classic. Below are our usual tag products :


a) Luggage Tag


b) Hotel Door Tag


c) Product Tag


d) Event Tag


e) Epoxy Tag


f) Plastic Name Tag


g) Customize Tag


Sticker (Epoxy)

With the silkscreen and offset facilities, Design Ark Sdn Bhd produces car sticker, motor sticker and epoxy sticker.


a) Car Sticker


b) Motor Sticker


c) Epoxy Sticker


Plastic Fridge Magnet

With our cutting and bonding technology, we manufacture customized plastic fridge magnet, from 0.4mm~ 1.0mm thickness quality magnet. These products are suitable for advertisement on home fridge and office white board.


Plastic Calendar

Using our plastic bending expertise, we produce plastic calendar with stand, especially for year end cooperate gift.


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