Smart Card


The hottest trend in the industry today is the Smartcard -- cards with embedded integrated circuits.  These cards are used for everything from prepaid services to recording health records to storing points in upgraded gift and loyalty cards. Basically in the market they are majorly 2 types :

a) contact card

b) contactless card (also called RFID or proximity card)


a) Contact Card


This card is like our Credit Card or ATM with chips can be seen outside the card. It is more secure with password encryption. There are many brands and models of the chips. For more details please fell free to consult us.


b) Contactless Card


It is the advance version of smartcard without contact between chips and the device.Sometimes they are called RFID or proximity card, by transferring the signal using radio frequency induced.


RFID cards apply radio frequency technology from 125kHZ to 13.56MHz. It can be divided into non-memory (ID application) or memory(IC application) card.Non-memory card is read only card, which cannot store data. It can be only used as an ID card or a key. Data need to be stored in the computer system. The example is clamshell card (also called proximity card), which is widely used in the office and apartment.



Memory card is a readable and rewritable card. Data can be stored inside the chips and can be read and changed, and can be encrypted with the password too. The most common IC card is MIFARE transport card.


c) Printing on Smartcard

Preprinted : Print and laminated with chips

Post Printed : Print on the ready-made smartcard


  • Thermal print

  • Silkscreen print


d) Adhesive Card for Clamshell/ Smart card

Thin card with special sticker, sticked on back of Clamshell or any smart card


e) RFID Tag

One of the example is key chain, so that consumer no need to bring clumsy card all the while.


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